IPD is not a mega 3PL where you will be lost as “just” another customer. We partner with our clients, no matter how large or small, to ensure that we deliver World Class service to your customers. IPD wants to be a seamless extension of your business. We understand “outgrowing” your garage because that is how we started. We have million dollar clients and clients that average less than 100 orders per month.  We treat both with the same respect. At IPD we hope that our excellent service will help the small client grow to a million dollar account.  We structure our pricing to make it affordable for small customers who are ready to get out of the shipping business, so that they can concentrate on growing their business. At the same time we offer competitive volume discounts to attract large customers. Through our Tiered pricing, a client’s costs go down as their business grows. IPD offers direct to customer shipping as well as  shipping full cases and pallets to retail and wholesale businesses. We can even handle your returns as part of our reverse logistics service and our commitment to provide a complete solution to our customers. With the use of the interactive IPD Web Portal, our clients know what has shipped at any given time, on time, every time.

International Packaging and Delivery specializes in Warehousing, Distribution , Secondary Packaging

We also have a great Customer Service department to help you every step of the way.